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Zermatt is one of the few car-free villages in Switzerland, thus guests arriving by car cannot drive right up to the hotel. However, you may drive as far as Täsch, where a multitude of parking garages and parking lots are available. You can choose between taking the train or a taxi for the remaining distance from Täsch to Zermatt.


Shuttle trains leave Täsch for Zermatt every 20 minutes; the journey takes 12 minutes. A practical system helps you transport your luggage easily to and on the train. The earliest train leaves Täsch and Zermatt at 6 am, the last one leaves at 11:35 pm.   

Timetable Matterhorn Railway


Another possibility is taking a taxi from Täsch to the taxi stand located near the Zermatt train station.

Taxiservice Täsch-Zermatt

Whether you go for the train or a taxi, just let us know when you are going to arrive and we will gladly pick you up from the train station or the taxi stand at any time between 8 am and 8 pm. You may also call us from the hotel information panel at the Täsch train station.